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Family Membership Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all Wild Horse Memberships:

  • Included when you pay on-line for your 2024 Wild Horse Membership, is a $30 recommended donation to the Wild Horse Foundation.  If you do not wish to donate then please mail your application in with a check to PO Box 187, Gothenburg, Nebraska 69138.
  • A capital investment fee may be applied to all new memberships. The fee may be payable all up front of over a five-year window. Club staff will add this to your bill after registration and will be due the subsequent month per club policy.
  • Club Storage fees will be added to your account after sign-up for membership based on last years list.  To add a new club storage or stop storage please e-mail HeadPro@playwildhorse.comClub staff will add this to your bill after registration and will be due the subsequent month per club policy.
  • Additional sub-accounts for children may be added by club management only.  Please e-mail to add additional sub accounts to family memberships for tee times, discounts, and charging privileges.
  • All food, beverage, merchandise, and services of the Club charged to the Club account will be billed monthly and each Club account shall be due by the date indicated on the monthly statement.
  • Members of the club will receive discounts in the club house equal to 25% OFF all Food & Beverage and up to 10% OFF Pro Shop Merchandise. Guests of members will not receive such discounts unless the member is purchasing items.
  • A charge account will be setup in your name to allow charging privileges.  If you wish to discontinue this service please e-mail
  • Club accounts shall be deemed delinquent from the date first billed if payment is not received before the end of the month the statement is issued. Past due bills will accrue a $25.00 service charge per month from the date of the monthly statement until paid in full.
  • If a Club account is greater than 30 days past due, the club may suspend playing and practicing privileges and/or expel the player from the club.
  • When a Club membership is issued in the name of more than one person, each person shall be jointly and severally liable for all dues, fees and other charges and liabilities associated with the membership.

For a full list of Wild Horse Rules, Regulations, Terms, & Conditions please see:

   I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions of the Family Membership.   

Cancellation Policy

Members' dues will be approved yearly by the board of directors and auto renewed annually January 1st.  Bills will be considered delinquent on April 1st unless otherwise determined by the Company.  If you wish to not renew your membership for the next year written notice must be received via USPS or E-mail to Tony Collins ( prior to the end of the year.  If you paid your dues in full and decide to leave the club before April 1st then you may receive a full refund. If you decide to leave the club before June 1st then you will receive half of your membership dues back. No cart, club storage, or capital investment will be returned.

   I have read, understand and accept the cancellation policy of the Family Membership.   

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